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Social & Community Outreach

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Ricais working to improve life in our community, at our Resort and in our rainforest and surrounding environment.

Sustainable Social Projectsthat we are pursuing:

  • Promoting and improving education in our local schools.
  • Establishing a trade school to train local residents for employment at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in the fields of hotel management, tourism, adventure activities, massage therapy, customer service, etc.
  • Community development programsto help area residents become suppliers of goods and services to Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort – including organic farms and rural tourism activities.
  • Employment programswith local residents to work at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort.
  • Volunteer Tourismprogram for international students to complete internships at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort and in community development programs.
  • Installing telecommunications infrastructure for Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort, which will directly benefit our local village of San Antonio de Damas, where telecommunications services are currently unavailable.
  • Creating a constant, sufficient and clean water supply for our entire community, together with local water authorities.
  • Working closely with Parrita County municipality and community organizations to actively promote the area as an important tourism destination in Costa Rica.