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Environmental Programs

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica is deeply committed to environmental protection and conservation education. Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort has set aside specific areas of our Costa Rica eco-resort’s property for preservation, including environmental corridors and easements, which will be managed by our team of naturalists. Our 750 acres of primary and secondary rainforest are rich in abundance of tropical plant life and wildlife, which have yet to be fully investigated by scientists, and new species have already been discovered.

Environmental Conservation Projectsthat we are cultivating at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica:

  • Protect Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort’s biodiversity in Costa Rica by creating a wildlife sanctuary, environmental easements and private preserves in the property’s forested areas.
  • Educate our guests and visitors to Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in environmental conservation and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Educate our local community on environmental protection to create a new culture of conservation in the area. Convert hunters to wildlife tracking guides.
  • Participate in national and international certification programs for environmental practices and sustainable tourism.
  • Develop our Ecological Research Center to partner with national and international universities and environmental organizations to study the biodiversity at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica.
  • Create a sustainability laboratory to research and promote new sustainable living technologies.
  • Establish a Wildlife Reintroduction Center to repopulate and reintroduce endangered species back to the wild. Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort will initially focus on Scarlet and Great Green Macaws.
  • Plant trees each year in our reforestation program, focusing on reintroducing endangered trees species. Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort pledges to become the first fully-certified carbon neutral destination in Costa Rica!
  • Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica is designed on the principles of organic and bioclimatic architecture. There will be minimum soil movement during construction and all buildings will be designed to minimize their carbon footprint. Engineers and architects will maximize the use of sustainable technologies in all development.