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Sustainable Tourism

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Ricais passionately dedicated to sustainable tourism. From the portion of our entry fee proceeds that will go to offsetting our carbon footprint by reforestation, to hiring local residents on our staff and promoting local businesses, Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort is partnering with our community for the betterment of people and the planet.

We encourage our guests and visitors to travel responsibly by respecting the environment, conserving natural areas, and respecting the culture and well-being of all local people. At Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort, we are working to ensure that our development brings a positive experience for our community and an enjoyable and meaningful experience to our guests and visitors. Our goal is to raise your awareness about sustainability issues and promote sustainable tourism practices during your visit to Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica.

While on vacation at our Costa Rica eco-resort, you can learn about our Parrita School Project, part of the national “Libros Para Todos” (“Books for All”) program, where we raise funds to provide textbooks to all of our local elementary schoolchildren.

Volunteer tourismopportunities abound at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica. Give back during your vacation at our eco-friendly resort by volunteering at our Wildlife Reintroduction Facility with Scarlet and Great Green Macaws, or help out at our Ecological Research Center alongside domestic and international researchers investigating the region’s flora and fauna.

As a guest or a one-day visitor at Costa Rica’s Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort, you can join us in creating a sustainable future for our planet!