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Master Plan

Occupying only .03% of the Earth’s surface and yet home to over 4% of the total living species estimated in the world, this small Central American country continues to lead the region as an eco-friendly vacation destination. Costa Rica holds a top-five ranking on most international travelers’ wish-lists as an eco-friendly and adventure travel destination.

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Ricahas been designed with a commitment to sustainable tourism, and a business model based on the “Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profits”. Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort will transform a 750-acre rainforest located in the county of Parrita, Costa Rica, into a socially and environmentally responsible, master-planned eco-adventure resort and yoga spa that provides everything you need for a complete Costa Rica vacation all at one site.

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort’s master planfor its 750 acres of rainforest on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast has already received its federally-granted environmental permits by Costa Rica’s Environmental Ministry. Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort plans to revitalize and grow the local Parrita economy, providing diverse employment and training opportunities, and attracting additional quality tourism to the area.


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